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We provide a clean and safe environment to meet other Adventist and other Christian singles online as all members have to agree to our Statement of Faith.Your email address stays confidential as other members can only contact you through our private email system (included free with our Adventist dating service ) until you feel comfortable enough to share your contact details with them.

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The bible teaches that our first priority should be to seek God's kingdom and His righteousness, and He will provide for all our needs (Matthew ).

When seeking a spouse, we should present our request to God through prayer and wait patiently for His response (Philippians 4:6).

I'm Adventist singles man of 29 years of age from Ghana with high school education. You may drop phonenumber on my email for I am someone who prefer calling. Am a Kenyan lady aged 26 .a journalist and an actress as well...

I may like to meet a real Adventist woman from anywhere in the world. Am single and have son though he doesn't stay with me..