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Have your friends and family come into Wasko Hardware and vote (one vote per day per person please)! This will be FUN and EXCITING to see who will WIN the ,000 Wasko Hardware Ugly Bathroom Contest!Disabled Hunters from across Iowa will be able to take part in a free guided hunt this weekend. There will be a lunch available both days from 11am-1pm for the participants.Learn what to look for to make different colored dyes.This class will cover various dye stuffs and how to harvest and prepare the materials.The student will also learn how to prepare fabric and natural yarns to accept dyes.

We will be using only alum base mordants to keep the process natural and safe.

Bill Printy and Mark Heisdorffer will teach workshops at the Forge and Anvil Academy, in historic Bentonsport where there are five forges for learning the fine art of taking a piece of iron, heating it up, and making a beautiful and useful item for one’s home.

The Forge and Anvil Academy, where hundreds of students have learned the fine art of taking a piece of iron, and creating a beautiful and useful item, is one of a few places where artistic blacksmithing is taught in the United States.

Where else can one learn to craft tools from iron at the side of an experienced artistic blacksmith in a shop with five forges?

And in the words of one “village smithy” in Bentonsport, “Heat some iron—Make some stuff”Taking another element from the Earth, Chris Bennett uses clay, to capture human figures and animal wildlife in his sculptures. Uncover the secrets of the Underground Railroad as we paddle along the river!

He carefully observes the relationships of his subjects to capture their essence. Participants will hear the legends and stories of the Underground Railroad in Southeast Iowa as they paddle from Austin Park to Keosauqua.