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They tend to come off as shy when meeting too many people.

But once they get comfortable with the interaction, most times you will notice that they are actually more social than what you expected.

Similar to our need for social interaction, our love for fame and money is also something we cannot do anything about. Some people get happy and content with whatever they have while others struggle and never seem to be satisfied at any point in their life.

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There are some inescapable things about us as a species; for instance, we feel the need to reach out to people and to make friends.Humans are notorious for thriving off human interaction.These are some of the things that we cannot do away with no matter how hard we try, though why would we even try in the first place?It’s absolutely true that some of us are extroverts while others are introverts.People have this misconception that introverts do not like to interact with people and this is a falacy because they also feel the need to reach out to people and make friends with them.The difference here is that they are not quite vocal about it.