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Our tasting room is located in Plymouth, California, in the beautiful and historic Shenandoah Valley of Amador County, a renowned wine region of California’s Sierra Foothills.We are just an hour east of Sacramento making Cooper Vineyards an easy and ideal place for a quick wine-tasting getaway. We proudly grow 17 varietals and produce over 20 uniquely different wines that span traditional whites and reds, blends, seasonal offerings and dessert wines, as well as wines that are a little more off the beaten path.Our family-owned ranch offers stunning vineyard views and award-winning wines, and at our tasting room, gracious hospitality awaits you. With so many choices, you are sure to find your favorite, or discover a little something new.

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Members also receive year-round discounts on case and bottle purchases, invitations to our wine release events, occasional commentary from the Cooper family and more.

We welcome you to enjoy the rewards, and invite you to join the Cin Cin!

we’re one of the select few who didn’t use Tinder to just get a NCMO or hook up and we like our story so much we thought we’d tell you about here.

Really, we just get tired of explaining to people over the age of 40 what tinder is and since we’ve had to tell our story well over 147 times, we figured we’ll just write it and direct people here.

So one day Janie and I downloaded an app called Tinder.

Tinder: a dating app that helps you find single people in your area.

If you’re attracted to them, and they’re attracted to you, both parties are notified.

If one of you is attracted and the other isn’t, neither is notified.

If both parties don’t’ find each other attractive, they both go on their ways, never knowing what the other thinks.

Only first names, age, mutual interests and mutual friends are displayed.

Our Tinder photos: When I first saw Janie and found out we were a match, I noticed her caption said “We talkin bout practice”.