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Arnick parked in the lot and opened the door of his car. He made a mental note to himself that he was going to have to make sure he memorized the route for all future drives with Tetrox. The two had rushed out of the apartment so fast that Arnick didn’t even get a chance to have anything to eat. Arnick was half tempted to intentionally walk even slower just to spite her, but the low growl of his stomach overruled that idea. He wasn’t holding so tightly that Tetrox couldn’t have squirmed free and made a break for it if she wanted to, but Arnick was determined to show that he wasn’t going to have any nonsense like last time.

She took a very strong fancy to the Global Positioning System in Arnick’s car, and the sooner Arnick could make trips without needing to turn it on, the better. How Tetrox could possibly have so much energy on an empty stomach baffled him to no end. Coral Home Companion was one of the few existing radio programs that was an actual radio show instead of an endless repeat of whatever was currently on the Top of the Pops. ” he said sternly, “But have you forgotten what I said in the car on the way here? “Now then, I don’t know about you, but I’m famished.

As Arnick stepped out, the soothing voice of Garrison Killifish rang out from the car. Regardless, he had no intention of letting Tetrox get away from him this time, and they weren’t going anywhere until they had breakfast. On occasion, Arnick would tune in to listen when driving around, and the subtle and witty humor of the program was something he had come to appreciate. ” Tetrox rolled her eyes and sighed, “Noooo…” “About not running off and getting lost like you did last time?! Before we go anywhere, we should get something to eat.” “Sounds good to me, sugar!

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