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As the transformation of music heats up, the discussions are heating up, too.

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I don’t think there’s practically an album in my collection I’ve listened to enough times that streaming fees would add up to purchase fees.Now, does that mean that Spotify or Apple Music are the end of music? It’s clear that the industry built around record labels hasn’t always served artists well. Understatement.) Streaming services offer more questions. What sort of access will artists have to getting their music on these services directly – even bypassing a label?What sort of control will they have once it’s there?How can they help people find their music, and what sort of data about listeners can they collect?In other words, we’re entering a more multi-dimensional industry.

Instead of focusing on the actual purchase price of a recording, or even a per-play license fee in the conventional collections model, the game now is really about what the total value of a service is to artists.Remember that I noted that not only was the lion’s share of streaming revenue going to labels, but it seemed those same labels were blowing most of that income on marketing.It’s not just a question of how much revenue music earns.It’s a question of how much you have to pay to get that revenue in the first place – expenses versus income being business 101.But to anyone who said that Eternify was cheating – you’re absolutely right.(I thought it was sort of obvious that you couldn’t effectively use this to make cash, but maybe not.) I was politely informed my multiple sources that at best, it wouldn’t earn anyone any money, and at worst, it could get music or users banned. That brings us back to what Spotify actually can do. And that means, at least from the developer / music hacker perspective, it’s a heck of a lot interesting than other apps.