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Spirit Airlines bills itself as an “ultra low fare carrier” and they do indeed have some of the lowest fares in the business.But they also have some high add-on fees which, in some cases, can eat away at a chunk of that savings.Here are some tips to help you book with Spirit: 1.

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That’s not a good idea with Spirit because they charge for carry-on bags, too — in fact, more than they do for checked bags. They do NOT charge for umbrellas, cameras, diaper bags, coats, strollers, reading material, food for the flight, wheelchairs, car seats, or anything that can fit under the seat in front of you (17 inches in length, 13 inches tall, and 8 inches deep, including handles and/or wheels).If you can pack very lightly you might be able to avoid a charge.But, if not, you will actually find it less expensive to check your first bag, rather than bringing it on board.If you need to bring more than one bag, that does change things.Each bag you check gets more expensive so if you are bringing two or more, it works out less expensive to bring one on board and check the rest. Pay Your Bag Fees Early Once you decide what you’re bringing with you and whether you’re checking or carrying-on, you should pre-pay those bag fees by going directly to the Spirit web site.

It is really important that you do this more than 24 hours in advance.If you wait until the day before, or — even worse, wait until you get to the airport — you will pay higher fees.For instance, your first checked bag is if you do it online, more than 24 hours in advance.That’s comparable to the other normally-higher-fare airlines.(American, United, and Delta all charge .) But if you wait until you are checking in to pay, the fee goes up to if you do it over the internet, or if you do it from an airport kiosk.Carry on bags go all the way up to 0 if you wait until you get to the gate to pay for them — so that’s something you should avoid at all costs!