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At the end of 2015 I committed to blogging daily for 2016.

As you can imagine, that’s a pretty heavy commitment.

Especially considering my full time work that consumes on average 55 hours per week before travel.

Oh yeah there are the 17 podcasts I subscribe to, weekly books I read, and don’t mention Masterchef, Orphan Black or Game of Thrones.

If you then consider the average time a blog post actually takes.

Invariably for me the shorter the post the longer the composing, but not always.

But I was committed for a number of reasons: Stephen King suggests if you want to write (well), you have to do two things a LOT. Committing to blogging every day was a way to develop the discipline of overcoming distractions and flexing that writing muscle.

Sure you can blog once a week, but you’ll never get to the 10,000 hours required for mastery at that rate.

The very word ‘blog,’ comes from ‘web log.’ Think of it as an online journal.

The articles often show a snapshot in time, and space.

A context of a life lived that is hard to recall any other way.

Especially with the granularity that writing ‘every day’ brings.

Over time as I develop hypotheses there are two benefits to sticking them on the blog.

The first, is the act of writing forces me to structure my thoughts.