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QUESTION: I have something I have been wondering about.maybe you can answer.

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If the water is heated from 25μPa�s which will result in a much slipperier contact.

(Think of a very heavy oil and a very light oil to get an intuitive feeling for how viscosity would affect the frictional force.

Or, think of the old expression "�as slow as molasses in January�".) QUESTION: Why in the michelson and morley experiment that air does not have any effect on the experiment.

To me air would be the current medium that the light is using to propagate and would yield a null result.

The main key to this line of thought is that light travels slower through air then in a vacuum.

The same as the speed of sound through different medium.The Michelson-Morley experiment does not attempt to measure the absolute speed of light.Rather, the idea is to find the difference in speeds between two different directions of travel.That measurement would not depend on the presence of air.The liquid in the cup loses energy to its environment (cools) by conduction and radiation from its surfaces.The energy inside the surfaces is transmitted to the surfaces (to continue cooling) by convection.