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Jim Nielsen, who doesn't believe we should "intellectualize" these things.Screencapped from his site But momentarily taking it for granted that sex offender registries work (They don't), there's a line where fairness ends, and needless torment begins, isn't there?

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I'm not saying either extreme is being argued for, but I am saying there's an argument over where the line is, and for the time being we've settled on sex offender registries, because they seem practical, not just punitive.But as I've hinted, California's registry isn't practical.Amanda Agan, a postdoctoral fellow in economics at Princeton studied sex offender registries at The University of Chicago. She compared multiple studies, across multiple types of registries, including ones like California's, and found that when the information is public, the patten of recidivism (which means committing a crime again) was discouraging.Photo via Flickr User Paul Bonke Justesen The California Sex Offender Management Board, which oversees California's sex offender registration laws announced last week that the database is too big, and that it's not helpful in its current form.The reported on Sunday that the board is recommending to the state legislature that only violent offenders, such as kidnappers and sexual predators be compelled to register for life.

The overhaul would be a far cry from abolishing "Santa's Naughty List" completely.

All states must have sex offender registries, but California's is the weightiest, with over 100,000 lucky members, 900 of whom have been molestation-free for 55 years or more.

This is partly because the state is the most populous, but moreover, all California sex offenders, no matter their offense, have to stay registered for life, including public urinators, underage sexters, and women who flash their tits at concerts.

The last of these leads to "hilarious" articles like this one featuring lists of babealicious babes who are sex offenders! It's funny because sex offender registries are a waste of public funds, and do nothing except punish sex offenders for life with unnecessary inconvenience and bureaucracy! And consequently the sex offenders themselves have been lobbying for a change like this.

Last year, the reported on the Herculean task of standing up for your rights, such as they are, when you're among what is unquestionably the most hated category of Americans.

“I find it very offensive that registered sex offenders are trying to defeat the measures we have put in place to protect children,” an activist lawyer named Nina Solerno told the . In trying to find sympathy, they’re forgetting that somebody was assaulted, in many cases a child." Touché.