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"We decided to compete in foosball, Pac-man, and pizza-eating.

Plenty of studios offer sessions for first-timers and couples, but if your guy's especially intimidated, consider booking a private lesson to start. Instead, trade carpooling duties with a friend, and spend a free Saturday at brunch (or just have it at home).

While you can't go wrong with eggs and mimosas, Leah Tinari, owner of New York City brunch hotspot Fatta Cuckoo, swears by BLT tacos.

To make them, take corn tortillas and toast them in a pan while you're frying bacon.

If you know the time of day you were born, the time duration calculator (new window) can give even more accurate results with regard to hours, minutes and seconds.

Follow these steps if you want to find out your age by seconds, minutes, hours, days, and weeks (calculations are rounded off): Example use: How many minutes have passed since you were born?

Calculate when someone was born based on their age and, if applicable, their date of death This tool is useful for genealogists, as the birth date is not always recorded on death certificates, the tombstone or grave, even if the age and death date is known.

Follow these steps: Example use: Albert Einstein's birth date based on the age and death date.

This calculator allows people to calculate what date it will be in a number of days after a particular date, which is a useful for calculating the timing involved in contracts or planning various events.

Follow these steps: Add your results from some of timeanddate.com's services into your own calendar with just a click of one button.

Services include the Time Zone Converter, Event Time Announcer, and Meeting Planner.

"On one of our first dates, my guy and I challenged each other to a 'triathlon' of activities we both liked," says Robyn H., 28, of Durham, NC.