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Using smile chat up lines at the wrong time kills your chances.

I used well over 10 resources and only came up with the following openings, one-liners, and pickups.

Once you have a woman smiling, you can take your smile pickup lines in a number of different directions. It’s best used once you’ve established that you’re a cool guy, and you know you’re quite attractive to her: “Yeah, that was your ‘I’m flattered’ smile, and then you have a, um – not fake – but a polite smile…then there’s this really genuine smile when you laugh, and your whole face lights up.

The following is one of those you’ll find online in one form or another, but it’s not a bad approach. Then there’s this smug, ‘hey this guy digs me’ smile.

There aren’t quite as many pickup lines about smiles as you would think.

Below are some of the best of a longer list that included some real bombs and losers.

Always remember that merely complimenting a girl about her smile is not the same as making her feel special and attractive.Focus on what gives her that great quality and let the conversation go where it will.A beautiful smile could mean she is already interested in you.Don’t overdo it by ignoring the obvious signs of interest she may be sending off.Girls rarely give you a bright, beautiful smile if they want you to go away.On the other hand, if she is not smiling then you have to get her to smile in some reasonable way.