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When the time came I waited for her to get in touch but she didn’t.I wrote again and she was very kind and apologetic, saying her schedule was crazed with obligations for a film she was working on.

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Jenna Jameson is a great girl and I appreciate so many of my readers and her fans following up on our Twitter exchange about the interview. It will happen, and be worth the wait, so hang tight and keep the faith. Your information will not be shared or sold without your consent. This is a list of the 95 episodes of the comedy television series The Man Show that starred Adam Carolla and Jimmy Kimmel; it is missing data for the last 22 episodes, hosted by Doug Stanhope and Joe Rogan, where the show took a remarkable drop in the ratings.I have never met Jenna Jameson and while familiar with her work in the adult entertainment industry, I know her more from reality television.I’m not sure what it was about her that made me like her, or when it was I realized I liked her, but I really like her.

She is funny and entertaining and seems like she’d be a good friend.

She is also smoking hot and while chicks aren’t my thing, I admire and appreciate the beauty of her body.

If that were my body I would walk around naked all the time and stare at myself.

She is a beautiful woman who is a superstar in her profession. Jameson on social media and found it interesting when she started to share her support for Israel and love of Shabbat. I also love Shabbat and make a kick ass Friday night dinner, so when Jenna started to write about these two important things to me, I was intrigued.

Turns out Jenna is in love with an Israeli and finding her inner Jew.

A lot of my readers noticed the same things on Jenna’s social media accounts and told me I should interview her about the new loves in her life and her embracing of Shabbat and Judaism. She wrote back right away and we set up a time to chat.