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Research as many different dating services you can before deciding to join.To prevent failures, it is best with a paid registration agency, because these sites ensure reliable protection of personal and financial information.

Ultimately, you want to be loved for who you are—your personality, beliefs, values and ambitions—not your income-generating potential or wealth. Talk about what you value and inquire about your date values.

Shared values and character are a better indicator of compatibility than money highs or lows. There is no need to go in-depth about how you were wronged or who you may have wronged (oops! Stay focused on the present and determine to be a good listener by finding out all about your date, rather than filling your date’s mind with disastrous stories.

It can be tempting to fall into stories of relationship failures and bad dates, as we all have them, but if you’re not careful one of those stories may say more about you than your bad date or past partners.

I’m new to dating, but with only a handful under my belt I know exactly what a guy shouldn’t do on a first date.

There are 10 major rule breakers that I’m sure all ladies can agree with.

So maybe you can use these as subtle hints to the dudes in your life.

Pinky fingers at the ready, everyone: it’s National Etiquette Week.

Ever wondered what, exactly, is appropriate first date protocol?

We’ve analyzed how How About We members answer the question, “For me, a first date no-no is…” to understand the most common dating deal-breakers.

In keeping with this week’s manner-friendly mood, do yourself (and your date) a favor and make sure not to commit any of these dating faux pas.

Online dating services can have rights attached to it but there are many that offer free services so that you can begin to meet people right after recording.