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Is there any easy way I can do this, independent of the regional settings of the machine?I don't really mind about the date format, ideally it'd be yyyy-mm-dd, but anything simple is fine.So far I've got this, which on my machine gives me rem Get the datetime in a format that can go in a filename.set _my_datetime=%date%_%time% set _my_datetime=%_my_datetime: =_% set _my_datetime=%_my_datetime::=% set _my_datetime=%_my_datetime:/=_% set _my_datetime=%_my_datetime:.=_% rem Now use the timestamp by in a new ZIP file name."d:\Program Files-Zipz.exe" a -r Code_%_my_datetime%Code I can live with this, but it seems a bit clunky.Ideally it'd be briefer and have the format mentioned earlier.